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The packaging products we know are paper, metal, wood and plastic. The cosmetic iron box is metal packaging, and the application is very good. However, for the stores that rarely contact the cosmetic iron box, they are worried that the cosmetic iron box is easily corroded. Will affect the quality of cosmetic tin box. However, the cosmetic tin box made of tinplate is a good way to get rid of this p
Functional Laboratory of regional ocean dynamics and numerical simulation (supported by the first Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of natural resources)

2. Recruitment position

Position name: Research Assistant (2 persons are planned to be recruited)

Job description: participate in marine numerical calculation and
Upper diameter (mm)

Lower mouth diameter (mm)

Height (mm)

5L printed iron can




10L printed iron can




In order to further promote the scientific research and innovation work of Wuhan Institute of Surveying and mapping, and strengthen the technical training and construction of highlevel informatization talents, according to the actual work, we are now recruiting postdoctoral workstation researchers for the public. The relevant matters are announced as follows:

1. Organiza
Section 1 Research methods and methods

Section 2 Market Scale Statistics

Section 3 Market Forecast Model

Chapter 2 In-depth investigation of the paint market environment

Section 1 International Economic Environment

Section 2 Domestic Mac
Automatic sprinkler system is a classic model of automatic fireextinguishing system. It is one of the most effective fireextinguishing facilities to put out and control the initial fire of buildings. It is a widely used, largescale and common automatic fireextinguishing system. In case of fire, the whole process of fireextinguishing can be completed automatically without human intervention.
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Paint bucket crusher

 The metal crusher is a fully automatic crushing machine that processes and proc